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  • The 2x3 Management Formula to Achieve Any Goal

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Faizel Mohidin

Hi, I’m Faizel.

I’m the owner of Using Mind Maps Academy, an Online Training, Coaching and Consulting Company.

I used to be an Information Systems Manager at a large corporate, but now I train, coach and consult people on how to be more effective at work and in business, so that they can achieve all their career and business goals.

The Ultimate Work Management System

I’m really excited to tell you about this new way of managing your work that I have called The Ultimate Work Management System.

This system is driven by the 2x3 Management Formula that will enable you to take back control of your work, your business, your life and your time.

Unlike other systems, it only has two rules.

  • Make Work Visible
  • Manage Work in Progress

It also only has three steps, which is part of the 2x3 Management Formula to get anything done.

My Secret 2x3 Work Management Formula is revealed in my book, 'The Ultimate Work Management System', which can you can instantly download by clicking on the download button.

A Four-Letter Word

Work is a four-letter word. We’d rather not speak about it.

But, so much in the world has changed in this new millennium, that the old industrial age methods will leave you overwhlemed, frustrated, stressed and overworked.

Yet, we continue to use these old methods, as that’s all we know.

Worse still, we may even abandon all systems and manage everything in our heads.

The result is overwhelm, stress, tension, work piling up, balls being dropped and a lot of other unpleasant work-related issues.

But, there is a New Lean and Agile Way of managing work that was first introduced the world by a bunch of software nerds, that has revolutionised the way software is developed.

Lean and Agile Frameworks have been so successful that all major software development companies, like Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft, have adopted some form of Agile Framework.

It’s the framework that drives the apps on your smartphone and the software that drives the Internet.

And this framework is now being made available to you as well.

In this free book you will learn the following:

  • How to take control of your work, your business, your life and your time, so that you can achieve all your work and business goals
  • How you can apply these methods to your own work to reduce overwhelm, stress, bottlenecks, blockages, balls falling and more
  • How you can get everything done effectively and still have time to play
  • How to manage work remotely and collaboratively with free tools
  • How to see where you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going
  • How to work at a pace that’s comfortable for you yet still be highly effective and achieve your goals

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What's the catch?

You may be wondering if there’s a catch.

Well, there’s no catch.

The book is 100% free.

After reading it, you will understand how this new way of working works.

But, I do have some training, coaching and consulting, if you want to go to the next level. But only when you are ready…

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